Fidget balls

Twist and turn your way to a multitude of patterns with Icaso The Atomic Fidget Ball by Ceaco. PRODUCT FEATURES Twist and turn the ball into a multitude of patterns Arrange atoms so that each color is in a group, or that same colors never touch Fun for the whole family Boxed for gift-giving PRODUCT DETAILS 2.75" x 2.75" x 2.75" For ages 8 & up.

Cute Pineapple Soft Fluff- Filled Squeeze Stress Balls - Sensory, Stress, Fidget Toy Super Soft Fruit from $ 3.00. Octopus Jellyfish Bath and Pool Toy Water Bomb Soaker - Stress Ball - Wiggly Jiggly Squishy Fidget Ball from $ 6.00. Dinosaur Water Filled Tube Snake Stress Toy - Squishy Wiggler Sensory Fidget Ball $ 6.00.

Sensory Balls Fidget Ball Set Fidget Ball Set Item # 43177 write a review Price $12.00 Prices are in US Dollars Quantity: Add to Wish list In stock and ready to ship! Description These hand sized, flock covered fidget balls will help keep busy and anxious minds focused. Velvety to the touch. Assorted shapes. Set of 3. 2-1/2" DIA. Customer Reviews.




Prices from $0.96 to $1.59. Propel your brand further with these personalized fidget spinners! Order as few as 150. Ships within 8 days.*. Item #144238. Mochi Fidget – Official Squishy Fidget Toy for Stress Relief Mochi Fidgets or Mochi Squishies capture the hearts of their owners with their cute shapes and adorable squishiness. Despite their seemingly mindless usage and unapparent connection to stress or anxiety reduction, mochi squishies fidget certainly seem to get the job done.

Fidget Spinner Toys. Get the best EDC Tri-spinner you can get. Three bearings surround the center bearing. All fits are pressure fit and will stay in. The no bearing option comes with no bearings. All bearings are new and will need to be broken in for optimized performance. Each other option has 3 basic bearings on the outside.

These anti-stress balls help users to develop fine motor skills and logical thinking. Go Pop Fidget Balls are made of high-quality silicone, and are offered in 4 assorted colors – Tie Dye 01 (pastels), Tie Dye 02 (Blues), Glow and Glitter, and Thermal Orange. Pop, squeeze, and fidget on the go! ~Amber Category Description for Go Pop Games:.